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I've decided, after many months of unblogging, to consolidate and blog here. In my space. What was my professional space. Only for professional stuff. Only for client photographs. Only for client information. Only displaying gorgeous black & white film photographs. Only for my work. Except I am my work. My work is me. Without who I am, there is no work. Photographers are a dime a dozen - with the advance of digital technology photographers are litterally e v e r y w h e r e. But my camera doesn't make me a photographer. Who I am and what I view through my camera and life makes me a photographer. My life experience. My love of people. My camera is a tool.

And so I've decided that I didn't need to keep a mothering-and-crafting blog as well as a professional space that could never overlap. It's been a stressful fall/winter - and i've been away from blogging since last summer. Completely away, in that I read very few blogs these days either. And good blogs have been so inspirational to me. The creative me. And we all need a little inspiration from time to time.

In my Instagram feed yesterday I saw one of Danielle LaPorte's truth bombs. (#478) 'Be willing to start over.' It really resonated. And later in the day, a friend from Australia launched  A Love Manifesto. It's brilliant. and it made me stop and remember how much I loved reading blogs. How much I loved writing my blog. Without blogging, I've nearly stopped documenting life at home. Photographs have been far and few between. This was incredibly obvious when I chose the photographs of my three children for our yearly friends-and-family calendar. My children are also growing up, and being photographed is different now. My seven year old daugther loves telling everybody who will listen that I'm a photographer. Yet she doesn't love my camera anymore. My son has never loved the camera. And my three year old daugther typically says no and walks away. or closes her eyes in the 'if I can't see you you can't see me' sort of way. I've been a strong believer that 'this too shall pass...' and have never forced them to have me photograph them (with exception of christmas card bribes!) but because of this I stopped trying. It will not simply pass, it will be forgotten. And so in this space, I hope to start documenting again. Some of which might even be (gasp!) in colour. and digital. My family, my life, coffee, my food obsession/healing AND my work. which is all wrapped up together. personal & poetically chaotic.

some of Alexandre's Valentines this week for school.

some of Alexandre's Valentines this week for school.

-- Annie