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Lately, the idea of roots has been on my mind a lot.  In January, Amy challenged us to a dream a day. I formulated the idea of roots and children and roaming - but couldn't quite grasp putting it out there, in the universe. Like maybe it was too deep a dream to share at large. This is the dream that remained in my notes...

I dream of my children having crazy deep roots in this earth. Roots that will allow them to soar and potentially roam if that's what they want -- with a firm understanding of just how deep their roots are. Not limiting, just deep. Roots deep like their mama's.

Because I'm rooted. Deeply so. The older I get the more I realize this. Wisdom + Roots seem to get hand in hand for me, though I realize this isn't the case for many. And I feel more rooted than wise but can imagine a day in which they feel similar in strength.

I do dream of knowing how to pass this on to my children, but then maybe just living an authentic life is what it takes. To witness roots surely works on the subconscious of children.

attempting to grow roots on window ledge.

attempting to grow roots on window ledge.

I finally snipped a few lengths off two of our few house plants to allow them to form roots of their own. Which is what triggered this post. Isn't it amazing that in theory, we an create roots for a living plant in this fashion? In theory because in reality I'm not the best with plants. For now, I hold at the back of my mind that it's because I'm working on the roots of the three little beings that we have been granted charge of for the next few years. Before they go out in the world and test their roots and wings. Hoping with all I've got that both will be strong.