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A black & white portrait photographer. Documenting children & their people. Wakefield, QC

Ramblings from the Trail {March 14 2018}

{Ramblings from the trail} 1. FEELING alive is more important than BEING alive. Almost always. 2. The bears are still asleep, I hope. 3. When you wake up to more snow you didn't realize was coming, you hit your favourite trail. 4. Hiking 5km in snow you could be snowshoeing in is the equivalent of 10km. Pace yourself. I didn't. 5. Took one of my mid layers off at the exact wrong time. 6. Wind means the trees won't be as picturesque as you'd hope... but it also means you'll find yourself, mid forest, in complete white out bliss. 7. Trail grooming has got to be a cool job. Not for me, I'd surely hit a tree or something... but the guy grooming this morning must have had a blast! 8. Silence is golden. #ramblingsfromthetrail Gatineau Park, Mackenzie King Estate, Lauriault Loop.