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A black & white portrait photographer. Documenting children & their people. Wakefield, QC

Jan 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 2019

2019. I was overwhelmed by my lack of photographs captured on my dSLR in 2018. I knew it would feel like that when I tried to pull together my annual calendar, but I didn’t fix it. I didn’t shoot more. I knew it was coming and so when the overwhelm sunk in, I chose to not print a calendar. My people were not too impressed. My brother even tried to blame me for missing work because he didn’t know what day of the week it was (which is especially funny since he doesn’t get much time off. so he knew it was a work day.)

So for the first 6 days of 2019 I’ve shot daily. I’m hoping to follow through and do 365 but even if I just manage 100 it’ll be an amazing collection of photographs representing the year. I’m working on the balance of not being “all or nothing” — if I don’t do it daily, then I’ll manage it the next day or week and it will amount to something rather than nothing. That’s the current goal. I may or may not share… but from experience, editing + blogging means I EDIT and SELECT photographs in my overshooting tendencies. So I end up with a LOVELY collection at the end of the day and not an overwhelmingly large number of folders FULL of raw images that never get looked at.

Also: my goal (asap) is a new lens. my 85mm is part of why i’m not shooting. and my camera is on the fritz….

oh also, in 2 months there’s a new baby (my sister’s!) to shoot… that’s always motivation to get the camera out :)