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Today is day 1 of 100 days. Last year, I did a black & white photo every day for 100 days. And then had a gorgeous stack of black and white photographs... that sit on my computer. I must print. I nearly chose to do 100 days of printing this year.

Instead, I chose 100 days of Snail Mail. Why? because Snail Mail is my favourite. I have many many favourite things - like WAY many. But snail mail is very very near the top. It's always been near the top. forever. 

My kids were inspired to do 100 days of something as well. Elizabeth will be attempting 100 days of handlettering in her new planner. Juliette will be attempting 100 days of keyboard practice/lessons. And Alexandre asked if he could do 100 days of... photography. And so for starters, he's using my old dSLR (which we've discovered has a battery that lasts all of 5 minutes at the moment!) but he wanted to go straight to the film camera -- so hopefully in the next little bit he'll be shooting film too. and hopefully he's at the exact right age to learn all this and that he just might become slightly obsessed with the camera. Slightly... just enough to learn the how it works and to use it properly. I'm not sure it'll last 100 days but hopefully enough days to learn a few things on manual :)  

Oh and I might attempt 100 days of photos again. But I'm going to attempt very hard to NOT share them 100 days in a row... because less is more when it comes to time spent online. 

And this... Alexandre's day 1 of 100 photographs.

20180403_0003 copy.jpg